1. Why to use professional movers?

There are a lot of reasons why you should use professional movers for your local move. Moving is a time-consuming and stressful experience and professional crew of packers and movers can make it all easier for you. Just imagine moving all the heavy pieces of furniture that you have in your home by yourself – not possible. If you have some friends helping, what will happen if they break your TV by accident? You are not going to ask them for reimbursement. Well, moving companies are insured and you will be compensated for every damage that might happen. Some things are better to be left to the professionals, after all.

2. Which packers and movers are good?

There are few very important things to check before you hire a moving company and that is why you have to do proper research. If you just type movers near me in your google search and call 3 companies – that is not a research. You have to know what questions to ask your movers. Here are some basic questions: What is included in the price? Are there any additional fees? Are you charging me to get to my location? Are you insured? Are you going to pack my personal belongings? Your chosen moving company has to be transparent when answering these questions. You want someone who is trustworthy.

3. Where to find movers?

There are few popular ways of finding movers. First one is Yelp search. On Yelp, you can find five star rated movers in Dallas. The other one is Google search, where you just type keywords, like movers dallas texas or apartment movers dallas texas. You can also ask your friends or neighbours to recommend some moving company if they moved recently.

4. How movers charge?

This depends on the moving company you are using. Usually, local movers charge the hourly rates with a certain minimum. Some companies might even charge the flat rate.

5. When to pay the movers?

Again, this depends on the moving company. We can answer what is our practice. We charge for the move once your move is done and we calculate the time that was needed to perform your move.

6. Are movers usually late?

We understand why this is a frequent question customers might have. If you hire a professional moving company, that is something that will happen in 1% of cases. Sometimes movers can be late, if there is a traffic jam, accident or anything similar to that.

7. Can movers move plants?

You should know that plants are tricky items to move. You should check with your moving company. From our experience – we can move plants up to 7 feet tall.

8. Will movers move suitcases?

Suitcases, boxes, bags – whatever you would like us to move, we can move.

9. Are movers essential services?

Yes, moving is listed as one of the essential businesses. If you are worried if movers will be able to perform your move, double check with your company, but every licenced movers are essential service.

10. What if movers break something?

If you hire a professional moving company, you should know that they have basic coverage insurance included in the price. So if something gets damaged, just call and talk to their customer care department and they will find the best possible solution for your case.

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