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Storage in and out moving

Our professional movers will help you move your possessions into the storage unit. After we put you on our schedule on your preferred date and movers arrive when you agreed, they will first do a walkthrough to check with you what we need to move and what stays at your home. We will use our tools to disassemble your belongings and wrap up everything with our wrapping material. Our professional team will make sure to maximize the usage of the unit so everything can fit. And once if you need to move out of the storage, we will provide you with our special rates for the returning clients.

Procedure is pretty much the same when it comes to moving out of the storage. We will make sure to assemble your items back and help you find the perfect spot for your furniture in your new home.

Few tips when you are moving out/in the storage:

  • Check their working hours when truck can access
  • Provide your local movers with 24 hour access key to the storage or extended working hours
  • Purchase moving blankets from a Home Depot or from your local movers when you plan to keep your items in the storage for a longer period of time

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