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When the hectic city life becomes too much to handle, residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area know there’s a special getaway in the middle of everything where they can sit back in relax. Located conveniently 10 minutes north of the Dallas – Fort Worth International Airport, Lewisville is the home to family friendly activities, warm hotels, large, fun outdoor areas and the charming historic feel of Old Town Lewisville.

Many of the original houses and buildings that were built in Lewisville around the 1920s are still intact and are now official landmarks of the town. Old Town Lewisville is the best place to visit to see them as they are located within walking distance of each other.

Most of the top things to do in Lewisville, from theatre nights to distillery tours – happen in Old Town Lewisville. This is due to the city’s carefully reconstructed center for history, arts and outdoor festivals. If you’re in the mood for shopping or dining, you’ll find a wide range of businesses to brows, from coffeeshops, taverns and markets, to antique stores and boutiques.

Have dinner at one of the new restaurants with live music and delicious food., become one with nature in Wayne Ferguson plaza, visit the oldest building in Lewisville, the Greater Lewisville Community Theatre for a performance, or sample beer at the brewery. Enjoy Lewisville Lake Symphony concerts and performances by the famous LakeCities Ballet, Texas Tunes Concert Series and more at the Old Town Lewisville’s performing arts center, MCL grand. Another must-see in Lewisville includes the Witherspoon Distillery, where you can take an hour-long tour of the facilities and carefully follow the process of packaging and bottling.

And if you’re looking for outdoor fun, first place goes to the Lewisville Lake, that offers something for absolutely anybody, from having a picnic at the Lewisville Lake Park, exploring the wilderness, to fishing at the Lewisville Fishing Barge and swimming water skiing and boating in Party Cove. LELLA, located southwest of the lake is a 2,000-acre urban wilderness that is a great place to go for birding, fishing, kayaking or camping.

The 29,000-acre wide area that the lake and greenery around it covers, it is home to many fish and has earned the title of “Urban Bass Fishing Capital of Texas”. Marinas, jet ski and boat rentals, fishing and guide shops are located throughout the area, making it a breeze to find whatever you may need for a fun day in the sun in Lewisville.

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